We’re OPEN

We are the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN). We intentionally engage with those committed to systems change by investing time, resources, and brain-power towards our collective goals.

We know that oral health is vital to overall health, yet there are barriers in place, which, like locked doors, prevent people from optimal health. OPEN won’t stand for this failure to live up to our ideals as a nation by leaving people to unjustly and unnecessarily suffer from preventable oral health issues. We catalyze a network to take on America’s oral health challenges so that everyone has an equitable chance to thrive. We won’t stop until everyone has the keys they need to fully access good oral health.


We know oral health is essential to overall health and wellbeing.

Oral health is essential to overall health and well-being. That’s why we’ve organized across the county to ensure this fact is widely understood and embraced. Won’t you join us?

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