OPEN operates with an understanding of the relationships of its members. It works to foster opportunities to grow and deepen the connections and enhance the coordination of efforts across every level of community: grassroots (community), grassmiddles (state), and grasstops (national).

Members stay personally and virtually connected through a system of continuous communication, which includes an online, collaborative platform called OPEN Communities, in-person and virtual meetings (at local, state, regional, and national levels), and frequent interactions to build and strengthen authentic relationships.

What you can expect

OPEN annual meeting

Connect with the people and organizations that advance oral health equity and social justice. The annual three-day conference attracts leaders from federal agencies, private nonprofits, foundations, and academia. Members of OPEN attend for free.

OPEN Communities

A strong network is made up of engaged communities. OPEN Communities is the Network’s online platform featuring resources and discussions related to OPEN topics and focus areas. It is a space to engage with others — to ask questions and find answers, and connect in order to collaborate on topical and emergent issues in the landscape of oral health progress and equity. Access is OPEN for any network member.

Learning Communities, Interest Groups, Network Response Teams

OPEN has a number of communities for connection and learning, including:

  • Health Equity

  • Policy and Advocacy

  • Rural Oral Health


  • Public Perception

Join Our Community

A strong network is made up of strong communities. Join OPEN today!