2021 Sustainability Summit

April 5, 6, and 7, 2021

Registration is OPEN! Please join us for the “OPEN 2021 Sustainability Summit: Developing Pathways Toward Successful Collective Action” a national meeting of the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN). This meeting is designed to galvanize OPEN members, stakeholders, and partners around a shared sustainability strategy for supporting change in oral health systems. We are intent on realizing more equitable health outcomes, providing OPEN members with the knowledge and tools needed to implement OPEN’s strategic vision, and connecting for successful collective action. After attending this event, participants will have:

  • A shared understanding of a network approach to grant funding
  • An update on current events impacting OPEN’s work, including an environmental scan of key economic and health data
  • A shared understanding of OPEN’s unique approach to sustainability as a network and collective opportunities we have as a network to implement the work
  • An opportunity to build skills to use in the federal funding space

Click the below to register or to email us if you’d like information about exhibit and sponsorship opportunities.

Exhibit & Sponsor Opportunities