I’ve often used this phrase to inspire a team to complete a big project like hosting a special event. When a group endeavors to execute something on a large scale, it doesn’t matter what your title or position is. It matters most that you do what you can – frequently and consistently.

This same sentiment is true as we continue to navigate the pandemic amid a pandemic (https://blavity.com/blavity-original/we-are-fed-up-with-fighting-a-pandemic-amid-a-pandemic). I was inspired and encouraged as I shared and listened to Network members last Friday during our special Juneteenth themed OPEN Space. A very special thank you for those who participated and engaged in such a rich and powerful discussion. What we know for sure is everything we do matters. Here are some examples of how Network members are responding during this critical time in our country’s history:

  • Sharing resources such as this list of 158 Resources to understand racism in America developed by the Smithsonian and a New York Times article on responding to micro-aggressions (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/03/smarter-living/how-to-respond-to-microaggressions.html)
  • Using electronic publications like newsletters and social media platforms to show support and solidity with Black Lives Matter
  • Updating protocols and changing conversations with patients to better understand the myriad of challenges they face
  • Spending more time with family and being intentional about talking about key issues such as structural racism and equity
  • Assembling a call to action toolkit encouraging members to contact their legislators regarding qualified immunity

Here’s a few things I’d like to suggest we all do:

  • Watch this video excerpt from Macy’s Can We Talk (https://vimeo.com/426613058?smtrctid=625891702) session with Dr. Louis Fitzgerald Gates addressing current topics, share it with someone else and start engaging in more discussion
  • Read this story about a nine year-old in Ohio who wrote Black Lives Matter in chalk, Neighbor called the police for some inspiration
  • Share a story about your experience and/or relationship with race